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Mother and Son


Single Parents' Day would not be possible without the organisations that support single parents and their families. Learn more about our partners and the work that they do to support single parents across the UK and Ireland.

We want a society in which single parent families are treated equally and fairly.

To get there, we provide information to help single parents support themselves and their family. And we campaign and influence policy to reduce stigma against single parents, and make services more accessible to all families – whatever their shape or size.

One Parent Families Scotland was established in 1944 and is the leading charity working with single parent families in Scotland.

We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign with parents to make their voices heard to change the systems, policies and attitudes that disadvantage single parent families.

One Family is Ireland’s national organisation for people parenting alone, sharing parenting and separating. Founded as Cherish in 1972, we work with all types and all members of one-parent families, respecting the realities of family life, to affect positive change and achieve equality and social inclusion for all one-parent families in Ireland.

YMSN supports young mums/expectant mums going through complex social and economical challenges by providing bespoke programmes and signposting to local groups/charities. We provide practical support and advice to; Enhance parenting skills, facilitate personal development/Independence, and promote healthier lifestyles.

Frolo is a safe and secure online hub for single parents. The Frolo app has two modes: Community mode for friendship, connection, and meetups and Frolo Dating mode for a safe and secure single parent dating experience. All users on Frolo are fully user verified. 

Parenting NI established in 1979, as the Parents Advice Centre, provides free support for parents across Northern Ireland. Parenting NI Freephone Helpline and other regional services, initially delivered by volunteers and now by trained staff, has helped thousands of parents, grandparents and others in a parenting role for over 4 decades.

Parenting NI is committed to supporting all parents and ensuring that their voices are heard whenever decisions are made that will affect them. We will continue to or endeavour to deliver a range of high quality support and services to meet parent's needs including: a support line, programmes and workshops for parents and family support services.

Single Parents Support and Advice Services (SPSAS) is a charity for single parents across the UK.

We promote equal and fair treatment of single parents and their children. We help single parents by giving them access to services and support that they would not normally have access to for a number of reasons.

We run groups that provide members with support on issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, and children with additional needs. 

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