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What is Single Parents' Day?

Single Parents' Day began in the USA after campaigner Janice Molgen with Parents Without Partners petitioned to have a dedicated day for single parents. Molgen believed that single parents deserved the same recognition and celebration shown on Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5166, bringing Single Parents' Day into existence to be celebrated on 21st March each year.

Why do we celebrate it?

Single Parents' Day is a chance to raise awareness of the struggles and hardship faced by many single parents, but more than that, it is an opportunity to celebrate their incredible strength, love and resilience.

Single Parents' Day is a day for everyone to stand with single parents and show them how amazing they are. A day for single parents to reflect on all they have achieved and overcome, and for the world to show them how valued they are.


Get involved

Times are hard for us all, which is why it has never been so important to support one another and show each other some love.

Whether you are a single parent or you want to show your support to a family member, friend or colleague, by celebrating the love and resilience of single parent families, we can work towards a world where all families are seen as equal, no matter their shape or size.

You can also take part in some special events organised in the run up to Single Parents' Day. 


If you’re a single parent

Make sure you take some time to celebrate you today! Look back at what you’ve achieved and be proud of the family you’ve created.

If you know a single parent

Why not spoil them a little? Reach out and tell them how incredible they are, and make sure they feel extra special this Single Parents' Day.

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